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Are you interested in becoming a Guide 
at Acton Academy Kennebunkport?

This process is designed to make sure that we hire a Guide that is truly the right fit for both us and them. We are so excited about this process and can't wait to meet the candidates. We are not looking for a traditional-style teacher, this is a unique position. 

We recognize that we ask you to dedicate time and thought to the process. Guides who are thriving in Acton communities worldwide often share that they truly enjoyed the process, and we hope you do too.

STEP ONE: Complete Questionnaire



Step One: Questionnaire. Please read the job description in full as this is a unique position (not a traditional teaching job). In addition, you should begin to read "Courage To Grow" by Laura Sandefer and do some initial research on Acton Academy. If you believe that you are both qualified and interested in the position please fill out the initial questionnaire.

Step Two: Research. Read in full "Courage To Grow" by Laura Sandefer and do some research to ensure that you believe in Acton Academy Kennebunkport's mission, values, and processes. In addition, please make sure that you have read the full job description.

Step Three: Short Video, Resume & Writing Submission. Submit a two-minute video, your resume, and response to a short reading.

Step Four: Initial Interview. 20 minute phone/video interview.

Step Five: Case Studies. Submit responses to 3 short case studies.

Step Six: Second Interview. Full in-person interview.

Step Seven: Guide. Invitation to test Guiding our Eagles by leading a socratic discussion.