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Empowering Your Child to Learn

Learners K-12th grade discover and grow their unique strengths.


​More than ever, parents in Southern Maine are looking for alternative, independent school options to provide the best education for their children. From our nature-inspired Spark (age 4.5-7) to High School apprenticeships, we are reimagining 21st-century education.

Our Micro-School exists to empower character-filled human beings for life. Our graduates will be the leaders our country needs to help America finally live up to her ideals, allowing Freedom of Religion and Individual Liberties to live on for future generations, and have personal responsibility return to the home, the workforce, and society as a whole.

We offer a truly unique approach to school. We move beyond the traditional tools of lectures, homework, high-stakes tests, and grades. At our top-rated micro-school, K-12 students learn in collaborative classrooms of multi-age learners. Our flexible approach challenges each student with their differentiated learning plan and inspires them through real-world projects.​

Application Deadline for '24-'25 School Year is April 30, 2024

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​we Believe School Should Be Fun & ​exciting

Rest easy as you see your child thrive in a balanced, self-paced education.

​Find true joy in learning and become empowered for life.




A Growth Mindset
Learning From Our Mistakes & Failures
Self-Paced, Student Led Learning
Mixed-Age Classrooms
Building Real Life Skills
Developing Personal Virtues
The Power Of Apprenticeships & Entrepreneurship
Embracing Challenges
Honing Critical Thinking Skills

At Acton, There Is No Homework

Our youngest learners spend 14+ hours outside each week and our older learners spend 10+ hours outside each week

Our Promise To Your Child

Learn To Be Curious, Independent, Lifelong Learners
Develop A Deep Respect For Economic, Political & Religious Freedoms
Cherish The Arts, Wonders Of The Physical World & The Mysteries Of Life On Earth
Discover Their Most Precious Gifts And Learn To Use Them To Solve Difficult Problems
Find Their Unique World-Changing Calling

Our Students Love To Get Outside

We get outside. We look for opportunities to take our learning out of the classroom and in to the fresh air. We aren't afraid to get dirty while we learn through play. 


See Why Families Like Yours Choose
Acton Academy Kennebunkport

"We have complete faith and confidence!"

"Our family is so grateful to have an Acton Academy in Kennebunk! It is such a beautiful gift to the community. We were looking for an alternative to the traditional public school for our two boys and it has been a wonderful experience for both of them so far. They have experienced so much growth both personally and academically. We love that our kids spend time during the week outdoors exploring and interacting with nature. We feel tremendous support from the guides and owners of the school and know that they care deeply about our children's well being and truly want the best for them and are able to meet them where they are. We have complete faith and confidence in what they are doing and could not recommend this school enough."

Meghan Nesher

Acton Academy Kennebunkport

"Acton Academy is a game changer for our children's education"

“Acton Academy is a game changer for children's education. We joined the school in September of 2021 and our children are taking control of their education, learning at their pace, exploring their interests, learning to use their voices to share their thoughts, listening to and learning from other classmates. They are also learning to be resilient kids spending one full day in the woods, learning from nature. Acton brings the subjects they are learning about to life. The students just earned a trip to NYC to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island after learning about US Citizenship at school. Parents chaperoned the trip and one of my biggest takeaways was how all the kids from the youngest to the oldest look out, care for and encourage each other. It was magical to watch. Our children are being heard and their ideas are valued. Their self confidence and love of school grows each day. The Acton community is strong and a joy to be a part of!"

Lindsay Holden

Acton Academy Kennebunkport

"Acton Academy has been such an incredible experience for our family!"

“Acton Academy has been such an incredible experience for our family. We have seen our daughter grow by leaps and bounds, discovering a sense of self and purpose. Acton has truly engaged her natural curiosity and empowered her to take control of her learning, and we can't wait to enroll our son! Kids are capable of some pretty amazing things, and Acton Academy has really provided a foundation for them to achieve them.”

Mackenzie Anderson

Acton Academy Kennebunkport
Parent & Director

Our Students Build Small Businesses From The Ground Up

Learn about our Children's Business Fair!


For two and a half years we homeschooled our children...a wonderful journey that we never imagined would lead us to starting a school.

We began homeschooling because we wanted to instill our values, give our children time to run and be free, to be outside, to experience and learn from the real world around them, and simply to spend time as a family. In the Fall of 2020 we took these same values and started a school for like-minded families.



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