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Annual tuition to attend Acton Academy Kennebunkport is $15,900

Acton Academy's tuition assistance program was designed with the core belief that a world-class educational experience for children should be accessible to a wide range of families within our community. Our family did not start this school to make money; the goal was always to offer a different educational option in an area where few existed.

With that in mind, we have recently modified our financial aid program in hopes that we are able to serve more families in our community. We are now offering a sliding-scale tuition assistance program. In addition, we offer flexible monthly payment plans and work with parents to find an affordable way to give their children the gift of an extraordinary education.

Our goal in the upcoming years will be to decrease the upper ends of the scale in order to reduce costs for even those in the highest brackets.


Deadline: April 30, 2024*

To qualify for 2024-2025 financial assistance, meaning the Sliding-Scale shown below, application are due by April 30, 2024.
However, please note that as school applications are accessed on a rolling basis, aid is also awarded on a rolling basis.
We have a set amount of aid that we are able to give, which we distribute over our 3 studios.
*All financial aid for the Spark Studio (ages ~4.5-7) has been awarded for the 2024-2025 school year. 
All financial aid for the Adventure Studio (ages ~8-10) has been awarded for the 2024-2025 school year.
Financial Aid is still available for Middle School and Launchpad Studio. 

Sliding scales below show rates for annual tuition of $15,400. Please note that there is also a $500 non-refundable deposit per learner due at the time of enrollment or renewal.

*this is the combined income of both parents regardless if together or separated

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide financial assistance at this time for our 1 day per week outdoor programs.

What are volunteer hours?

If you select the tuition rate with 30/60/90 volunteer hours you will be asked to join a committee to help Acton Academy continue to grow and become more connected with our community. As an example, this could be joining the Children's Business Fair committee to help plan the annual fair that is open to all kids in our community. Other committees are the marketing committee, fundraising committee, learner-life committee, etc. The goal is to use your gifts and talents to help the school, but not be overly burdensome. Please note that all volunteers will be asked to help fundraise in some capacity as this directly impacts the amount of financial aid we are able to give.

Please Note...

Financial aid must be applied for, which is the responsibility of each family. The charts provided do not constitute the completion of the sliding scale financial aid application. Once a family has been accepted to Acton Academy Kennebunkport and all requested financial documentation has been provided we will make a final determination of tuition based on this information. Once accepted to the school, aid is awarded on a first come basis as there are caps on the amount of aid awarded in each studio (Spark, Adventure, and MSLP). All financial assistance must be applied for by April 30th to qualify for aid for the upcoming school year. Also, please note that the financial assistance program is subject to change at any time and is adjusted each year to account for inflation.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to

What exactly is the difference between Acton Academy and other schools?

FYI No Homework @ Acton Academy!

A Meaningful Education

The purpose of an Acton education is to help your child discover, grow, and utilize their natural gifts and abilities.     


We foster fellowship among children, parents, and families to support one another on our individual hero's journeys. 

Phenomenal Teachers "Guides"  

We believe the learning experience is much richer with hands-on learning. No boring sit in your desk teacher-led lecture-style learning at Acton!  


We believe in the power of apprenticeships. Beginning in middle school, our students obtain summer internships in a field they are passionate about.  

One Day Per Week in Nature Immersion

Nature is an essential part of childhood. Not only is it good for their soul, but it's important for kids to take risks, build resilience, and gain confidence.

Project Based Learning  

We believe students learn by doing.  Acton students are building real-life skills in the classroom every day through hands-on projects.

Student Led  

Acton Academy is “student led.” This means young people take ownership of their education and peer relationships.  

Character Education  

We encourage our students to develop personal virtues such as honesty, hard work, responsibility, kindness and empathy.  



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