The 6 week quest we are currently completing is called Coding & Robotics.  It is a really fun and interesting quest where our Eagles spent about 4 weeks working through 20 coding challenges.

They learned the coding fundamentals using and then put their skills to the test by coding robot movements.  For anyone interested in coding for their child (ren), is  great resource to explore.

Beyond being fun quest, there are a multitude of benefits our young Eagles have gained from this project.

I thought I would share a nice article titled 10 Benefits of Coding Beyond the Computer...

Article Text:

With the advancement in technology over the years, the ability to code is becoming increasingly important. There are so many benefits of coding for students that go much beyond the use of a computer.

While many people see coding as a highly technical skill, it is, in fact, another form of literacy, like a new language but for computers. Living in the 21st-century, children are growing up in a digital era, and coding is a skill that can be used every day.

Coding skills are an advantage not only in the workforce but also provides advantages for children and students in life in general. We are going to look at the benefits of learning to code. 

1. Computer programming promotes logical thinking

Coding requires logical thinking and teaches children how to tackle complex problems by breaking them down into smaller problems which are easier to manage and solve. This process is called decomposition. Even if children never become a professional computer programmer or software engineer, they will benefit from learning to think this way.

2. Learning to code helps a students’ creativity

Coding allows students to be creators. After all, coding is all about creating something new. How cool would it be to be able to design your own app or video game? With code, kids can create projects that they love. By learning to code students learn to maximize their creativity and learn how to come up with their own ideas in order to solve their problem. This is an essential skill that stretches far beyond a computer.

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