By Kori Stack M.Ed. September 15, 2020

I’m humbled at what a beautiful first week it was last week!
Being at Acton is a choice and these courageous young people took that leap with us. Our mission is to help guide our learners to discover their greatest gift and to hone those skills to change the world in their own unique way. 
We invited our founding families to join us and make that choice to begin their journey at Acton by crossing the threshold. Then we had each learner place their handprints on the wall to remember the choice they made and to claim the school as their own. 
In our first day we had meaningful Socratic discussions, introduced our first quest, had quiet reading time, played games, and so much more.
When I step back from the day I’m humbled by the amazing learners we have and also at what is being created here. You could see so clearly that what is forming in just day 1 is the start of the amazing program Mike and I witnessed in Austin, TX last year! 
A huge thank you our founding families for having faith in us before they had anything to see and to our Guide, Kyle, who is absolutely wonderful and we are beyond grateful to have as a part of our team.