by Kori Stack, M.Ed February 22, 2021

Excuses, excuses, excuses!

Have you ever made an excuse? Ok, who hasn’t?!

I don't have time to...fill in the blank

 “I don’t have time to…eat well, exercise, get more sleep, fill in the blank.”

 We have all said something like this at one point or another, but in the effort of self-improvement I’m trying to be better about this; it’s something I’m learning from our young heroes at school. We have to hold up a mirror and take responsibility for our actions (or inactions).

Victim Language 

At Acton our learners know that this is “victim language” and it’s not acceptable in our studio. They are learning to stop making excuses and take responsibility. From there they can take action, make a change, and work towards a solution. And let me tell you, most of them are a lot better at it than I am.

So I’m trying to take inspiration from them and take action instead of making excuses. Opening a school is no easy task, let alone opening during a pandemic [truth]. But at the beginning of the year, it was so challenging to get in many runs because I didn’t feel I had the time [excuse]. Now I’m holding up a mirror and taking action [growth, even if that’s imperfect growth].

Being Creative  & Making It Work

It’s all about being creative and making it work. So on Tuesday mornings, my husband drops off the kids at school then runs the 5 miles home (leaving the car at school). Simultaneously, I start running those same 5 miles to school. We cross about halfway, slap hands, and keep going. I then drive home, shower and head to school. To steal the words of Matthew McConaughey…