At Acton, we focus a lot on having a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed or victim mindset.

So, what does it mean to have a growth mindset?

You Can Improve Upon Anything

Someone with a growth mindset understands that with hard work and grit, you can learn anything and you can improve upon anything.

Our adventure studio has turned this into a game!

When someone is caught with a fixed or victim mindset they have to do a 10 second plank, then stand up and share with the tribe how they will change their fixed mindset into a growth mindset statement.

What Can You Get Accomplished?

This was awesome to witness their accountability today during core skills when the guide said.. “3 minutes left in core skills, what can you get accomplished?”

A learner responded with..”I can’t get anything accomplished in 3 minutes.”

Another learner called out “fixed mindset” and challenged them to a plank. (Oftentimes supported by other tribe members doing the plank with them..)

I Will Try My Best

Then the learner stood up and said.. “I know I can get work accomplished and I will try my best!”