By Kori Stack November 15, 2022

I LOVE THIS PICTURE and here’s why.

It was the day after our first Exhibition of Learning and we were planning a quick studio maintenance prior to launch but we didn’t change the schedule (our fault). So all of our Middle School learners arrived promptly on the rug ready for launch as usual.

He Started A Launch On His Own

Well, there was no guide because we were planning a quick studio maintenance, so when we walked in our newest learner had started a launch all on his own. He had only been in the studio for 5 weeks and delivered the launch in perfect Socratic style…

“Imagine you are Jeff Bezos in 2022 and you are making $2,000 every second, what would you do with that money? Would you invest it, would you save it, or would you spend it?”

We Encourage Our Learners to Take Over

IT WAS AWESOME, HE WAS AWESOME and it’s why I love Acton…because it let’s the learners shine!

We encourage our learners to take over. In fact as I write this our Elementary learners have entirely taken over their studio. They voted that they didn’t need their guide today, that they could do it all on their own if she just gave them the launch for quest. So she gladly handed over the launch and vowed to be silent for the day! They may struggle at points, but struggle is good in our book.

It’s Not About The Guides

At Acton it is not about the guides, it is not about us boosting our egos. Our goal is to be as small as possible. Our goal is to empower the learners and then step back and allow them to do, as they are so capable of when adults get out of the way.

I love this picture because it embodies what is so special and so different about Acton.