It was before 6:00 am and all of our four kids were already awake.  They were so excited for the day that they couldn't sleep.  It honestly felt like Christmas morning.

It Felt Like Christmas Morning
For the past 6 weeks we have been covering our entrepreneurship session which culminated in our with our 1st annual Acton Children’s Business Fair this past weekend. I can’t express how impressed I was with all of our learners. They each created a business of their own and launched it at the fair. It was an amazing experience!! This is why we started a school!
I wish everyone could have seen these young people in action, they were incredible. 

Had to Do It All Themselves

They had to come up with an idea for a business, create the products themselves, determine their cost of goods and price their products appropriately, determine their marketing, come up with a sales pitch, sell their products, and finally calculate their profits
Learning by doing...this is Acton!!

Truly Heartwarming

The hard work, creativity, and energy that each entrepreneur brought today was truly heartwarming to see! But at the end of the day what truly makes me happy is seeing them all so happy. This is how I want kids to feel about learning!

Congratulations to Our Winners

P.S. And a huge congratulations to our 3 winners...most potential (Wyatt’s Jewelry), best service (Sweet Stitch), and most original (John’s Instructional Drawings)!! Great job entrepreneurs
Next year we hope (Covid dependent) to have a much larger public fair and invite all of you