By Kori Stack, M.Ed   December 1, 2020

There is no more powerful way to learn than to learn by doing:
Conversation with my 7 year old...
“Are we going to do the fair [Children’s Business Fair] at the same time next year?”
“Yes, probably.”
“Then next year I’m going to sell something else with my pops [homemade popsicles] because everyone said they would come back after lunch, so a lot of people didn’t buy them. So if it’s in the morning again then I want something else with them that they could buy.”
“I saw xxx’s sign, I’m going to add more to my sign next year. Like xxx's had pictures, I’m going to take some pictures of my pops because everyone asked what they looked like.”

Learning By Doing Leads to Amazing Conversations

This probably doesn’t seem like a very interesting conversation, but what’s so amazing about ‘learning by doing’ are the conversations that happen after!
If I had suggested these ideas to my daughter before the fair, they wouldn’t have meant anything, she wouldn’t see it. But after the fair, she FELT it because she EXPERIENCED it for real and was forced to consider what she could do better.
When we learn by doing, what is discovered becomes a part of us. This is the entire model at Acton. Our guides don’t answer questions for this exact reason, because if we can help guide our young people to discover the answer themselves, that lesson becomes a part of them, instead of something they forget.

Allow A Person To Feel It and Connect With It

It allows a person to feel it and connect with it in a way not possible in books or by simply being told. It allows us to takes hold of that learning, to make it a part of us.
So let's let our kids experience their education by DOING!