We don’t do report cards at Acton Academy.  Learners at our school demonstrate what they have learned at an Exhibition of Learning.

Top Chef Competition

Last week our Middle School learners competed in a TOP CHEF (+ chemistry bee) competition against @actonacademyseacoast and @actonacademynh on the campus of UNH and it was so much fun!!

They had to prepare 3 dishes (stir-fry given a recipe, a salad dressing of their choice, and any baked item given a set of ingredients) with a time limit of 30 mins per dish. They were then scored on their dishes by 3 judges.

Explain the Chemistry

In addition, they had to explain the chemistry taking place in each of the 3 items and participated in a chemistry bee.

All of this with an audience of friends and family watching (plus an @actonvenice graduate who attends UNH).

Make Learning Relevant & Fun

Our goal at Acton is to make learning relevant and fun and this certainly was!

An overall amazing experience.