by Michael Stack July 20, 2020

If you look at my bookshelf you will find 5 different books by Seth Godin, and once I also saw him speak live. He is a brilliant marketer and “outside the box” thinker.  Much of his teaching comes down to the principles of being exceptional. He teaches standing out from the crowd and building things worth noticing.  If you are at all interested in business and marketing, I’d recommend checking out his blog at

He did an interview recently with London Real, which is an English media outlet.  The interview is titled “How You Should Educate Your Children Today.”  It is definitely something that is worth a listen.  What you will also find at 4 minutes and 40 seconds is how he talks about Acton Academy…”kids engaging in the quest for learning.”

This talk isn’t about you or your business being exceptional, it’s about HOW TO MAKE YOUR CHILDREN EXCEPTIONAL.

Check out the interview below.