By Kori Stack. 9/12/2022

The best way to learn about Acton Academy? This book, written by the truly lovely Laura Sandefer.
Laura and her husband Jeff started the first Acton Academy in Austin, TX and she writes honestly about the journey.

Book Inspired Me to Start Acton Academy

This is the book that inspired me to start our Acton here in Maine and Laura and Jeff, along with the rest of the amazing owners, push me everyday to make our school better and better. At Acton there will never be a ‘we are done, we’ve got it’, instead we are constantly looking for ways to improve and up-the-stakes for the benefit of our learners because they deserve it!

I Just Got More Copies

I just got more copies of the book if anyone local wants one, just email me and I’ll be happy to drop one off at your house!