I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in personal growth, corporate leadership, parents, teachers…

While it’s not a book about educational systems, I found this quote insightful, speaking of traditional education. 

Creative Thinking, Strategizing, Leadership, Innovation

“In between bell rings, children learned what they needed to become effective workers, and that amounted to reading, writing, and math. The system didn’t emphasize creative thinking, strategizing, leadership, or innovation. Stars were smart conformists, and people who stuck to the pattern became model students. That approach also bred the “I’m great (and you’re not)” mentality, based on homework, grades, and knowing the right answer. It does not emphasize empowerment, creativity, or individual satisfaction.” (page 83-84)

Creative thinking, strategizing, leadership, innovation, empowerment, creativity, individual satisfaction…YES, YES, and YES!!

Make Children Better Prepared

I’m not sure about you, but I sure as heck want ALL of those things for my children and it’s why we focus on them at Acton! We may not know what the world will look like in 20 years (or even 5), but I feel confident that these qualities are going to do more to prepare them than memorizing facts for a test.

A star pupil without these may do fine, but a person WITH these will change the world!!