In high school, I remember a poster on the wall that said "these are professions where you'll use algebra." I'm not 100% sure it was referring to algebra, but you get the idea, it was some subject that seemed like non-sense to me.  I also don't have much memory of the professions on the poster, I think I looked at it once and thought "I don't want to do any of those things."

A fundamental aspect of education is that it's supposed to prepare young people for the world. However, there is a disconnect from what is happening in the real world to what is being taught in the traditional classroom.

Hands-On Learning

At Acton Academy, we believe in hands-on learning.  Recently, our detective quest came to life as Officer Brian from the Kennebunk Police Department visited our studio to talk about how the police collect and use real evidence from a crime scene.

So far in our quest, our learners have studied and taken fingerprints, looked under the microscope at hair samples, created casts of footprints, looked at dental/bite marks, and investigated and took samples of DNA.

Thank You Kennebunk Police Department

A huge THANK YOU to the Kennebunk Police Department and Officer Brian for showing the learners that everything they have been doing is stuff detectives really use to solve crimes.