by Kori Stack October 11, 2022

There are challenges, joys, and struggles in any hero’s journey.  So, we believe it is important to celebrate big accomplishments along the way.  This past week we had our Exhibitions of Learning. This is what we use as a “living report card.”

Here are some highlights from our recent exhibitions:

MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDIO Exhibition of Learning – Session 1.

This is our first year with Middle School and these young people impress us everyday!

They worked hard from day 1 when we asked them to start their Hero Essay. In addition that wrote their Friendship Strategy for Life. At Exhibition they shared these thoughtful, very personal essays with their guests and it was so inspiring.

They also celebrated 3 learners that worked really hard this summer to make it to Middle School (at Acton you don’t just age up, you must complete the requirements).

It was a great first Exhibition to kick off the year, orchestrated entirely by these 9 learners and led with confidence by one learner!

ADVENTURE STUDIO Exhibition of Learning – Session 1.

ADVENTURE STUDIO Exhibition of Learning was planned by eight young heroes and the entire event was led by two fearless 9 year olds!

What an amazing tribe they are and at Exhibition in front of their family and friends they all committed to a contact of promises that THEY came up with together.

They also brought their guests on a tour of their core skills to show what they are working on and led a tribe game for their parents.

Great job Adventure learners

SPARK STUDIO Exhibition of Learning – Session 1.

Our SPARK STUDIO learners were so proud to show off their work from this session during their first Exhibition of Learning.