“What is essential is to realize that children learn independently, they learn out of interest and curiosity, not to please or appease the adults in power; and that they ought to be in control of their own learning, deciding for themselves what they want to learn and how they want to learn it.”

-John Holt

We believe that children are way more capable then sometimes we allow them to be. As a guide we are striving to equip them to be successful in a more learner-led environment.

Ready to Take on the Day Without a Guide

In the Adventure Studio (our elementary school learners) the tribe was ready to take on the day completely without a guide and asked us to step out of their way. Given that this is the week of Exhibition I was a little nervous but granted them the freedom they asked for (after all that’s my job).

They Teach ME!

It was amazing to witness the focus, collaboration, and independence they displayed with taking on this challenge. Each time they do this and I have the courage to step back they teach ME that they are so capable and sometimes do things better without me.

When reflecting they talked about what went well, what they could do better, and where they failed.

We are All Learning and Growing Everyday

We are all learning and growing everyday! This is what it’s all about!


Inspired Guide