Each year my family and I go through the cleaning and preparing of our home to be able to rent it on VRBO to summer guests.  There was additional work this year with screening guests and extra sanitizing, but the whole process is well worth it for us because it allows us to have an adventure in a different location.

We’ve spent summers in Colorado, Oregon, South Carolina, California, and this year in Killington, VT (a bit closer to home with all the craziness!)

One of the things my husband and I like about new locations is doing runs in the new area.  It is always interesting what you will find. This year it has been fun to run on mountain trails and explore the ski slope. What has been a treat for me is running by a group of barely teenagers practicing ski jumps. I see them most days, and I’m always SO impressed.
On a recent run watching these kids jump,  I couldn’t help but think:


What are my children capable of?


This truth is, I have no clue! But actually, I shouldn’t! The moment we start to answer that question, we put limits on them. I want my kids to have the freedom to follow a path of self-discovery.


Discovery of who they are, what excites them, leaning into their natural gifts to find what truly lights that fire in them.


They were born into this world to change the world, and I love that I get to watch them. 😁