Our school took two weeks off at the end of December. It was a really nice break. My husband and I agreed that it was the best we’d had in several years. It was time off, but it also felt good and reenergizing. We celebrated the holidays but also had financial budgeting discussions, set goals, and did some strong business planning for our school and my husband’s business for the year to come.

Part of our school planning was to hold a leadership summit. Here are some of the most important things we came up with:


We are very intentional about the goals of our school and continuing to learn and grow – just as we ask of our learners, we are no different.


One theme of our meeting was gratitude and how blessed we feel for our own children (and for all of those that feel like our own).
  • Allowing young people a space to be themselves is something that should be a human right, but it is not a reality for so many.
  • We feel blessed that although our school is far from utopia it allows just that; a place for young people to be themselves and voice their thoughts and opinions (even if against what others think).

We do not take this for granted, and it is something that is worth more than anything else to protect!

We are so excited for 2023 as we continue to make our school even better!!