A huge congratulations to the amazing young entrepreneurs who joined us on Saturday for our 3rd annual Acton Children’s Business Fair!

Come Up With Own Ideas, Create Own Products

These kidpreneurs came up with their own business ideas, planned, created their products, designed their booths, put flyers up to promote the fair, talked directly to their customers about their products, and handled sales. Our Acton Middle Schoolers even proudly displayed their business plans for customers to see.

Kids Are Capable of So Much

Kids are capable of so much if we let them and they LOVE doing things independently. They feel pride in their work, knowing they did it!

Some Huge Profits, Some Tough Lessons

For some, they profited by hundreds of dollars, and for others, it is a tough lesson when they spend prior to paying back all of their expenses so it’s a hard lesson when they then don’t have profits left.

Every year we have more booths and every year the booths get better as they continue to improve. If your child is interested in joining our fair next year, it is open to any children in the area with an entrepreneurial heart